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2016-2017 Catalog 
2016-2017 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Management-Overview of Options, Associate of Applied Science

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The Business Management program prepares students for entry-level management positions in business, industry, government and social service agencies. Graduates are prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation or may pursue advanced coursework. This program provides students a broad business education, culminating in an integrative business simulation course. Students have the opportunity to gain practical experience through co-ops or internships. This program has a core business curriculum and options in:

     •Financial Services 
     •General Business 
     •International Business 

Graduates will be able to:

     •demonstrate a basic knowledge of all functional business areas
     •recognize and evaluate ethical issues and situations
     •determine the effects of behavioral factors on business outcomes
     •demonstrate effective business communication
     •apply business management concepts in a practical setting
This degree is offered through the Business and Public Service Department.

Students planning on transferring to a four-year institution should enroll in the Business Administration, Associate of Science program.

Curriculum-A.A.S. Degree

General Education Core

General Education Credits 21

Business Core Credits 29

Options (Select One)

 Financial Services Option
BUSI 156 Risk & Financial Management  3 Credits
BUSI 193 International Finance  3 Credits
BUSI 221 Financial Planning & Institutions  3 Credits
ECON 210 Money and Banking  3 Credits

General  Business Option
BUSI 153 Small Business Management   3 Credits

BUSI 290 Business Cooperative Education I  3 Credits or
Business Elective 3 Credits

Business Elective 3 Credits 3
Business Elective 3 Credits

International Business Option
COMM 201 Intercultural Communication  3 Credits
Select 3 of the following  courses:
BUSI 194 Global Strategic Management  3 Credits
BUSI 154 International Business  3 Credits
BUSI 193 International Finance  3 Credits
ECON 202 International Economics  3 Credits

Marketing Option
MRKT 221 Selling & Sales Management  3 Credits
Marketing Elective 3 Credits 4
Marketing Elective 3 Credits 5
Marketing Elective 3 Credits

Option Credits 12

Total Credits 62

1 Select a course from the appropriate category of the list.General Education  list.
2  MATH 100 Finite Math  or MATH 110 Statistics I  may be substituted through placement testing.

3 Any course from ACCT, BUSI, ECON or MRKT.

4 Any course from  ACCT, BUSI, ECON, or MRKT, or  COMM 120 Introduction to Mass Communication , or  COMM 210 Introduction to Public Relations  or COMM 130 Events Planning/Meeting Management .

5 Any course from MRKT.

6 BUSI 192 Principles of Finance  is required for students taking the Financial Services Option.

7 BUSI 193 International Finance  is required for students taking the International Business Option.

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