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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Ophthalmic Science (Opticianry), Associate of Applied Science Degree in Ophthalmics

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Accredited by the Commission on Opticianry Accreditation, the Associate of Applied Science degree program in Ophthalmic Science is designed to prepare students for employment in retail optical stores, ophthalmologist and optometrist offices, hospital clinics and private practice. Students learn to interpret prescriptions, fabricate and grind lenses, fit, adjust and dispense eyewear and contact lenses.

Students gain hands-on experience in the College’s ophthalmic laboratory and on-campus clinic. The curriculum provides a solid foundation in contemporary business practice and teaches students the professional skills needed to address clients’ needs.

Graduates of the program are prepared to take the New Jersey State licensing examination for ophthalmic technician and ophthalmic dispenser. The program is approved by the New Jersey State Board of Examiners of Ophthalmic Dispensers and Ophthalmic Technicians and accredited nationally by the Commission on Opticianry Accreditation (COA).

Commission on Opticianry Accreditation
PO Box 592
Canton, NY 13617
(703) 468-0566
(999) 306-9036 - fax

Graduates are able to:

  • discuss prescription eyewear and other client-related information, verbal and written, with the eye doctor
  • analyze and interpret prescriptions
  • communicate effectively with clients
  • demonstrate knowledge of the normal eye structure, function and pathology
  • assist the client in selection of proper frames and lenses
  • adapt and fit corrective eyewear
  • fit contact lenses

NOTE: Students who are registered with the State Board as apprentices must successfully complete the following courses during their first year to qualify for the State Board Qualifying Technician exam:

Ophthalmic Materials I & II - Lecture
Ophthalmic Materials I & II - Lab

Apprentices must complete the following courses to be eligible for the State Board Ophthalmic Dispensers exam:

Ophthalmic Dispensing I & II - Lecture
Ophthalmic Dispensing I & II - Lab
Principles of Optics
Anatomy & Physiology of the Eye
Contact Lenses I

Curriculum – A.A.S. Degree

Total Credits 66

1 Apprenticeship requirements. Apprenticeship program is open to only those students who are employed in the field and currently registered with the State Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers.

MATH 112 Precalculus I   & MATH 113 Precalculus II  are suggested for students who wish to continue their education beyond the AAS degree. MATH 106 Technical Math  is suggested for students who are not seeking to continue their education beyond the AAS degree.  MATH 106 may be taken in either the first semester or the second semester of enrollment. If the student chooses to take the MATH 106 option, they must also take one additional general education course of their choice.

3 Select a course from the appropriate category of the General Education  list.

4 Any college-level course. Recommended courses are COMP 102 Computer Literacy  .

5 FITN 142 Elements of Physical Fitness  or FITN 204 FITN 204 Exercise Physiology & Body Mechanics   (pre-req BIOL 120 Human Biology  ) may be substituted.


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