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2021-2022 Catalog 
2021-2022 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Online Services & Educational Technology

Online Services

The College’s website offers  information about RVCC services and programs for prospective students and visitors to the campus. Current students can obtain comprehensive information about RVCC using our internal, password protected website, RV Commons.

In addition, a wide variety of online services are available to RVCC students through Lion’s Den, the online student information system at Raritan Valley Community College. Lion’s Den is the official communication channel used for RVCC business and teaching purposes. Students should check it daily to ensure that they read all communication in a timely manner. Most services require the College ID number and a password. Students can:

  • Apply for admission and view status of application processing
  • View status of admission document processing
  • View and print the course schedule
  • View and print course descriptions
  • View HOLDS that may limit or restrict registration
  • Register for classes
  • View financial aid status
  • View financial account
  • Update phone number and e-mail information
  • Add or drop classes
  • Request enrollment verification
  • View and print final grades
  • Generate and print a degree evaluation
  • View and print unofficial transcripts
  • Request official transcripts
  • Receive important College mail, including bills, grades, and academic standards correspondence
  • Sign up for emergency and inclement weather notifications

Computer Facilities

Raritan Valley Community College is a fully networked campus. Personal computers are available in over 40 instructional laboratories running Microsoft Windows 10 and the Microsoft Office suite of applications. In addition, many application software packages for academic disciplines are available. All labs are equipped with high-speed laser printers. All computers have access to the Internet.

The College offers special purpose computing labs for graphic and fine arts, multimedia development, video production, writing, math, English as a Second Language, and Information Literacy instruction. In addition to offering discipline-specific software, these labs have specialized equipment such as document scanners, color printers, video capture cards, and Blu-ray/DVD/CD read/write drives. Networking, video editing, gaming, and graphic design labs provide computers and equipment for hands-on instruction in those disciplines.

The campus has complete Wi-Fi coverage and students can self-register their computers, smart phones, and tablets to utilize it.

Students also have access to personal and laptop computers in the Library. Here, software is specially configured for research and library related activities.

Personal computers, the campus network, and the Internet are also used in 120+ multimedia classrooms.

All students are provided with Microsoft Office 365 hosted e-mail accounts.

Online courses are provided via Canvas, a feature rich Learning Management System.

The College continually evaluates and enhances its computing and network facilities and software applications. Industry input is sought to assure that RVCC students are provided with the technology necessary to successfully compete in today’s economy.

Educational Technology at RVCC

RVCC students enjoy the use of a state-of-the-art array of educational technology. The College is fully networked throughout the campus and with outside electronic sources.

This network connects a rich variety of resources both on- and off-site.  All registered students get a network account with full privileges to allow them to participate in opportunities for independent remote instruction and for research and communication activities. Students at RVCC use this opportunity to build the foundation to participate effectively in an information-based society.


RVConnect, RVCC’s newest Mobile App, keeps students connected with the College. The mobile app is free, intuitive, user friendly, and customizable so that students can select which services, clubs, or departments to “follow.” Students can view classes & grades, check out campus events and even post questions to the campus wall to get responses from other students.