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2020-2021 Catalog 
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dance, Associate of Fine Arts

The Associate of Fine Arts in Dance degree program prepares students who desire strong dance technique for transfer into bachelor’s degree programs in dance—whether B.A., or B.F.A at a four-year institution or university setting. The curriculum also focuses on the skills and concepts of dance necessary for a career in the contemporary dance world. A.F.A. students develop a strong portfolio to support their transfer applications and auditions.

It is mandatory that a dance major applicant contact the Arts and Design Department for an interview, placement testing and advisement with a member of the dance faculty. Please contact Loretta Fois (lfois@raritanval.edu) to arrange an interview.  It is recommended that this be done before May if a student is requesting September enrollment as an approved major.

The program offers study in modern dance, ballet technique, jazz technique, performance of repertory, as well as in production, history, composition and improvisation. In addition to the major requirements of the A.F.A. in dance, students must take General Education Courses. Many of our dance majors are enrolled as dual majors, allowing them to combine their passion for dance with other fields.

Our philosophy of dance is to help students develop discipline, independent thinking, creative problem solving, collaborative and interpersonal skills, and confidence. This is accomplished through the study of technique, the production and crafting of dances, performance opportunities, and a supportive complementary curriculum.

Dance majors are required to participate in a minimum of two semesters of the Raritan Valley Dance Ensemble (RVDE). The Ensemble tours local schools and community groups and performs at campus events. RVDE provides the College and greater community with opportunities to experience and appreciate live dance performances and establishes a bond between academia and community. RVDE is open to all RVCC dance students and alumni, as well as community members. RVDE enables the serious dancer to develop a personal dance identity, both as an independent and collaborative artist. A faculty dance concert, student concerts, master classes and workshops constitute the many other performance opportunities sponsored by the Dance program.

The faculty of professional artist-educators provides expert instruction in all areas of our curriculum, offers direction and guidance for students, and supports each student’s search for original expression. In addition to our faculty, guest artists offer master classes and Repertory classes.


Graduates are able to:

• understand the role of a dance artist

• demonstrate technical proficiency and artistic application of anatomical and kinesthetic principles in performance

• craft dances with coherence, aesthetic unity and clarity of theme

• display a critical understanding of the development of dance based on historical significance, craftsmanship, cultural context and originality

• analyze choreographic works through classification of elements, principles and choreographic structure

• investigate careers in performance, dance education and movement arts




Curriculum – A.F.A. Degree

Total Credits 60

1 Modern and Ballet technique by official placement audition. Students may not take courses below their level of placement.  Students placing out of DANC 101 Modern Dance I  or DANC 107 Ballet I  must take the II-III-IV-V sequence.

2 Select a course from the appropriate category of the General Education  list.

3 Dance Electives: choose from any non-required DANC course or an Independent Study in Dance. Must total 4 credits.

4 Some four-year colleges require a two-semester science sequence.  Students may substitute BIOL 125 Human Anatomy & Physiology II   in place of a Humanities if their intended transfer school requires it.  Consult with NJtransfer.org or a transfer advisor.