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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Commercial Energy Management Technology, Certificate

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The Certificate in Commercial Energy Management Technology (CEM-Tech) caters in a particular way to the currently employed Building, Energy and/or Automation professional who is interested in acquiring additional know-how that will help propel her/his career to the next level.  It is also helpful to entry-level LEED and/or junior engineering majors who would like to benefit from learning the practical aspects of Auditing, Direct Digital Control, Web-based Networking and integration, and the Commissioning process.  Certificate students receive instruction in quantitative and manipulative skills associated with web-based Digital Controls, Controller hardware and soft-ware set-up and troubleshooting, networking, integration and programming as it applies to building automation; building walk-throughs for the identification of Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECOs), Level 1 & Level-2 Energy Audits, Analysis of Equipment/System performance and the Commissioning Process.

Graduates are able to:

  • assemble, program, troubleshoot and network Direct Digital Controllers
  • use engineering manuals and programs for analysis and verification of equipment performance
  • learn to use tools and testing instruments used in the field by Energy Auditors and Building Commissioning Agents
  • perform building walk-throughs and assemble Energy Audit reports, together with the use of Energy Auditing software
  • identify the various types of commercial HVAC systems that are most often seen in commercial sites
  • define, specify, plan and verify the check-out, start-up, and functional testing of building systems, using RVCC’s buildings for learning


Summer I Semester

Total Credits 31

1 It is advisable that this course be taken ahead of CEMT 203 Building Automation I .

2 Select one from the following group: MATH 106 Technical Math  , MATH 103C Quantitative Reasoning  , MATH 100 Finite Mathematics  or MATH 101 Number Systems  .

3 Should be taken only after completing all other courses in the certificate program.

IMPORTANT:  Please note that because CEM-Tech courses teach advanced concepts in automation, any student that does not have an Environmental Control Technology Degree (ECTC-AAS) from RVCC, or comparable academic training/degree from another educational institution; will be required to take a proficiency test prior to being admitted into the program. This assessment instrument will test her/his knowledge in Electrical concepts for HVAC/R, as well as basic understanding of HVAC Systems Design. A minimum score of 70/100 is expected in order to be admitted into this Certificate program.
For additional information regarding admission requirements to this Certificate Program please contact CEM-Tech’s Program Coordinator, Paul Flor:


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