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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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OPTH 106 - Ophthalmic Materials II Lab

(0,6) 3 Credits

Prerequisite(s): OPTH 105 - Ophthalmic Materials I Lab .
A continuation of Ophthalmic Materials I Laboratory. Emphasis will be on the finishing aspects of prescription eyewear. Topics include neutralization, mark-up, layout, edging, insertion, and final inspection. Additional topics include frame and instrument repairs, rimless mountings and faceting. The student will be expected to learn the complete fabrication of prescription eyewear utilizing the instrumentation of the optical profession. The course will also include lecture on appropriate optical principles. Students will be required to supply their own tools.
If the student is registered with the State Board as an apprentice, Ophthalmic Materials II must be successfully completed to be eligible for the State Board Qualifying Technician Exam.

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