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2019-2020 Catalog 
2019-2020 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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NURS 111 - Nursing of Adults I

(4 Lecture, 1 Learning Lab Lecture, 2 Learning Lab, 3 Demo Skills Lab, 10 Clinical Lab) 9 Credits

Prerequisite(s): NURS 101 - Foundations of Nursing , ENGL 111 - English Composition I .
Corequisite(s): ENGL 112 - English Composition II , PSYC 103 - Introduction to Psychology , NURS L11, NURS C11, S11 and NURS T11.
his course builds upon previous learning, requiring the student to carry out increasingly skillful assessments and interventions with adult patients having complex needs.  This is accomplished through an interdependent relationship with theoretical knowledge and clinical faculty and staff.  The course extends and refines the cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills acquired in Foundations of Nursing.  It focuses on the development of plans of care that require increasingly comprehensive assessment skills, development of appropriate nursing diagnoses, goals, outcome criteria, interventions and evaluations. The course objectives assist the student to integrate the roles of the nurse as provider of care, manager of care and member of the profession of nursing. This is accomplished through competencies reflective of holistic human needs, clinical reasoning, interdisciplinary collaboration and decision making, culture of safety and growth. Satisfactory clinical evaluation, satisfactory skills lab testing and a theoretical grade minimum of 75% are required for progression in the program. Offered in the spring semester.
Note: All clinical nursing courses and science courses must be completed with a minimum of a “C” grade. Nursing of Adults I is taught in the second semester of the first year of the nursing program, spring offering only.


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