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2022-2023 Catalog 
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Supply Chain Management Option in Business Management, Associate of Applied Science

The Business Management program prepares students for entry-level management positions in business, industry, government and social service agencies. Graduates are prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation or may pursue advanced coursework. This program provides students a broad business education, culminating in an integrative business simulation course. Students have the opportunity to gain practical experience through co-ops or internships.

The Supply Chain Option in Business Management provides students with practical knowledge and skills essential in today’s global economy. Businesses are looking for supply chain professionals to continually increase the organizations capability by reducing costs and improving the efficiency of relationships, both internal and external.

Supply Chain is vital not only for business firms, but also for nonprofit organizations or institutions, and offers a large number and variety of job opportunities. Career possibilities for students who complete the Supply Chain Option include but are not limited to entry level positions in procurement, transportation and warehousing, manufacturing, marketing, retail and sales.

Graduates will be able to:

  • demonstrate a basic knowledge of all functional areas in supply chain management
  • critically analyze and interpret information to solve problems and make business decisions
  • apply quantitative methods and forecasting models as a basis to examine business situations
  • recognize and evaluate increasing demands of sustainability and corporate responsibility
  • demonstrate effective business communication
  • apply business management concepts in a practical setting

This degree is offered through the Business and Public Service Department.

Students planning on transferring to a four-year institution should enroll in the Business Administration, Associate of Science program.


Curriculum - A.A.S. Degree

Fourth Semester

Total Credits 60

Mathematics by official placement.   MATH 100 Finite Mathematics  or MATH 110 Statistics I  may be substituted through placement testing.

2 Select one course from the following: BUSI 191 Personal Finance  , BUSI 240 Principles of Finance  , BUSI 193 International Finance  .

3 Select a course from the appropriate category of the General Education   list.

4 Select any college-level course.