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2017-2018 Catalog 
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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HLTH 102 - Certified Nurse Aide

(8- clinical and lecture varies per week as determined by the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services) 4 Credits

Prerequisite(s): Clinical Requirements (documents must be submitted to the main office of RVCC@Bridgewater following registration): Student must be 17 years or older. Students must have a background check and finger printing (approx. $40), professional liability insurance (approx. $40) and documented proof of the following immunizations: Mantoux (2-step TB), HBV, MMR, and Varicella. Students are also required to have a clean uniform, white shoes and a watch with a second hand (not included in tuition).
Certified Nurse Aide HLTH 102 course is approved by The New Jersey State Department of Health and Senior Services and will prepare students for the NJ State competency evaluation and CNA licensure exam. This course uses the designated New Jersey curriculum for nurse aide personnel in long term care facilities, designed and regulated by the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services. The course consists of classroom lecture, skills lab experience, and a clinical practice rotation at a long-term care facility. This course exposes the student to long-term care settings that will enable them to assist residents under the direct supervision of a registered nurse. Certification allows students to work at nursing homes, mental health centers, assisted-living facilities, rehabilitation centers and private homes. Total scheduled class time is 90 hours, as determined by the state.

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